Uniworld Cruises Rhine Christmas Markets Recap

Uniworld Cruises Rhine Christmas Markets Recap

The 7-day Uniworld Cruises Rhine Christmas Markets cruise I had an opportunity to take in early December was fantastic. What made me the happiest was the ship and the fact that the cruise line lived up to the hype: luxurious boutique river cruising with the highest level of service anyone could want.

Being in the hospitality industry I know how hard it is to meet  the needs of discerning guests, but in the case of Uniworld Cruises I had nothing to complain about. My recaps and videos are below and they just show a fraction of the fun I had while in the care of Uniworld. Happy Holidays.


Uniworld Cruises SS Antoinette

A look at what a week on a Christmas Markets cruise is like on Uniworld Cruises SS Antoinette. 7-days on the Rhine visiting Basel, Switzerland, Cologne, Germany, Speyer, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, France.

River Cruise Buzz Rewind


iVoyage overview:  Uniworld Cruises Christmas Markets Rhine River

Here are the links to the Live iVoyage dispatches from the ship.

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YouTube    YouTube Videos from my river cruise





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Facebook Photo Tours from Rhine river cruise

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Pinterest board: Uniworld Holiday Markets River Cruise on the S.S. Antoinette. Pictures from iVoyage Dec 2-9th, 2012. Photos from the ship and places we dock along the way.

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My @irrive scrapbook Rhine Holiday Markets




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