Natural Entertainment on Un-Cruise Adventures

Everything about Un-Cruise Adventures is different

For the next week, I will be on assignment in the Sea of Cortez via Un-Cruise Adventures. On Un-Cruise Adventures, I am quickly learning that this is not your ordinary cruise vacation. While I prepare my own videos, take a look at this one from Un-Cruise Adventures via YouTube.

Nature + Adventure Activities = Natural Entertainment

Un-Cruise is about zigging when everyone else is zagging. In other words, while mainstream cruise lines cater to guests looking for Broadway-caliber shows, non-stop entertainment, and a wide-variety of activities to fill the day, Un-Cruise is slowly motoring around quiet coves and secluded beaches.

The biggest challenge to overcome on the small Un-Cruise ships is to surrender to the fact that this experience is about discovery, activity and getting outdoors. I am getting into the grove of things by snorkeling when I can, hiking, and taking advantage of the kayaks to explore.

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