MSC Divina Live Cruise Review – day 3

MSC Divina Spring Break Cruise – Day 3

Sea Day #2 means pool time for us. Photo by Carrie Finley.Bajak
Sea Day #2 means pool time for us. Photo by Carrie Finley.Bajak

Today was our second sea day on MSC Divina. We continue to motor south to St. Thomas, which is  991 nautical miles from embarkation in Miami, Florida.

Traveling with my 9-year-old boy means that I am on an active family-style cruise vacation. We are enjoying  a lot of pool time, transitions to and from the kids club, movies in the stateroom, and a flexible attitude when it comes to dining (he loves pizza). As a side not, we have yet to eat a dinner in the dining room. We have late dining seating, which is fine for the European kids but for us, I can’t sacrifice my waistline and eat twice, if you know what I mean. My son is hungry between 6:30 pm and 7:45 pm. So, we stroll by the pizza bar at the buffet and before you know it (a couple french fry buckets and some watermelon later) he is full. I have asked to switch my dining time in the dining room and that is “in the works.”

Did you know?

Today on MSC Divina, we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. As an American-Irish mix of sorts, I am loving the special touches of Ireland in honor of our special day. See my photos below for some of the fun from the ship. The entertainment staff hosted a beer drinking competition by the MSC Divina pool

Fun times by the pool on MSC Divina
Fun times by the pool on MSC Divina

Fun at pool Fun times at the pool

Meanwhile, back at the park.

The “Baseball Greats” hosted a Passenger Pitching Contest. Sailing with us are: Ed Kranepool, Mike Torrez, Bill Russell, Wallace Johnson, and Stan Bahnsen. These former players are doing a great job helping us learning about baseball. Baseball greats   Pitching Baseball Greats pitching contest The players invited guests to participate in a fun-filled pitching contest for men and women and boy and girls of all ages (no I did not sign up). The objective was to throw to a target of a baseball player at bat with a chance to win a prize. Come back tomorrow because we will be live from St. Thomas…. Leave your comments or questions below.

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