Tell them I am on my way…. Viking River Cruises

I am getting ready for the big progress over the pond.  In just a couple days from now, I will leave LAX on British Air to Heathrow.  Thanks to Twitter I was able to turn a really great offer on Viking River Cruises into reality.  In fact, becuase of the super low airfare with hotel room in London where I will pre-cruise pub crawl, I was able to get my business partner and husband ( to agree to hold down Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo and tackle the management of two kids and a very busy store front office while CruiseJess and I take on the river progress.

So, for those not familiar with Viking River Cruises I will give you a little run down on river cruising in general.

Hassle-Free Travel

After boarding the ship, unpack—just once—in your spacious river-view stateroom. Relax in comfort for the duration of the cruise. No need to worry about maps, traffic congestion or the many other hassles of traveling by bus or train. A river cruise is a stress-free way to see the best that your destination has to offer.

See the World’s Greatest Cities

Cologne, Vienna, Moscow…because so many cities and towns developed along waterways, they were literally made to be accessible by river. Some of these cities are just not available to ocean cruisers, and bus passengers spend precious hours on the highway, checking in and out of hotels. River cruising brings you more of these destinations than you could see any other way.

New Scenery—All Day, Every Day

Enjoy breathtaking scenery from just about everywhere on the ship—in the bar, restaurant or lounge (all with panoramic views), on the sun deck with fresh air or from the privacy of your stateroom. And, river cruise vessels keep moving, so you see new vistas and explore new destinations throughout the day, every day. Our ships often travel at night, so you can wake up in an exciting new place each morning, with no effort on your part.

The Heart of Your Destination

Unlike ocean cruises, rivers provide easy access to city centers. Sail directly to the heart of every destination and dock in the middle of town. Walk right off the ship and join the day’s activities. You spend less time getting there—and more time being there.

A More Intimate Experience

Because our ships are designed to accommodate between 150 and 300 guests, it is easy to make new friends. Share a drink with the couple you met on the day’s tour, or dine with interesting people in the open-seating restaurant. And you can forget about waiting in long lines to embark, debark or have a meal.

Culture & History Everywhere

Walk through an open air architecture museum in the middle of a Russian lake; watch the artists at work in a Meissen porcelainware studio; contemplate the Yangtze from an ancient stone temple beside the river. Such unforgettable experiences can be yours on a river cruise—and you are unlikely to reach these places any other way.

Travel Your Way

Enjoy the guided walks, in-depth tours and excursions planned for you in each destination—or sightsee on your own, with time allocated for independent activities.

Smooth Sailing

The flat-bottomed shape of river cruise ships ensures a safe and smooth ride without any worries about motion sickness. No need to spend days “getting your sea legs” as with ocean cruising—which means more time to really enjoy your vacation.

I will be on the Paris and Heart of Normandy cruise.  I am looking forward to this great opportunity.  A river cruise is excellent for a travel group, or for people looking for a no hassle way to learn and cruise.  If you have any questions send us an email at or call us toll free at 888-203-3012.

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