Paradise Found on a Cruise

Finding Paradise thanks to a cruise (or two)

Traveling takes us from home and delivers us to the doorstep of another location. At times we get lucky and find Paradise. Paradise looks like something different for each person. For me the definition of Paradise means  something that makes me happy (and it usually has water involved.)

Cruising in Paradise: Paul Gauguin Cruises in French Polynesia.

Paradise is room service on Silversea Cruises.
Paradise is a floating bar on a motu. Here at Paul Gauguin Cruises private island.
Paradise is a swim off my overwater bungalow in Bora Bora at the InterContinental La Moana.


Paradise is a Concierge from an InterContinental Hotel


Paradise is a cup of coffee and a snack on Seabourn Odyssey.


Paradise is sushi on Crystal Cruises. Photo by Mindy Lee Tarry.
Paradise is the pool on Crystal Serenity.


Paradise is uninterrupted WiFi while cruising (we can dream). Pictured here the computer learning center on Crystal Serenity. Photo by Mindy Lee Tarry.


Sunset in Paradise. Photo from Tahiti InterContinental Resort.
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