Back Country Zodiac adventure in Ketchikan

Back country Zodiac Adventure – Ketchikan, Alaska

Princess Cruises offers many ways to Escape Completely in Ketchikan.

One fun shore excursion to try if the Back Country Zodiac Adventure.  This shore excursion allows guests to skipper their own custom-built motorized inflatable along the coastline of Revillagigado Island for a unique Alaska adventure.


Following a short walk to the expedition base, get outfitted in top-of-the-line rain gear, hat, gloves, socks, boots and safety glasses. Board your boat and head off the grid to behold the beauty of Alaska away from the crowds. Follow your guide to the harbor in front of Saxman Native Village for a brief discussion of the totem poles and Tlingit culture. Search for the vast variety of wildlife that thrive in this area, such as bears, eagles, whales, seals and much more. Venture into the back country wilds of George Inlet and other beautiful areas inaccessible to larger vessels. Head to a remote wilderness beach where a friendly camp jack awaits with a warm fire, hot beverage, snack and a smile.

After a short break at the camp, board your boat for the journey back to town, stopping along the way for more wildlife viewing and scenery. Throughout this nearly 30-mile coastal expedition, your guide delivers informative narrative covering the area’s history, geology, culture and ecology. Once back in town, dock your boat and warm up with another hot beverage before returning to your ship.

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  2. @CruiseBuzz I cant believe how long that cruise is (Yes, I’m very jealous!)

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