Checklist of things to do before your cruise

Cruise planning tips. What to do before going on a cruise.

  • Use a cruise packing checklist to keep yourself organized
  • Verify that your passport is current and has enough blank pages.
  • Check the expiration date on your passport. If you need to, renew your passport six months in advance or plan to pay an expedited fee
  • Do you need a Visa? 
  • Make a copy (or take a photo) of your passport to take with you
  • Check your monthly bill payment schedule and make arrangements for payment if necessary
  • Check exchange rates and know how much money you want to bring
  • Try to get some local currency from your bank ahead of time; be aware of the exchange rate and hidden fees
  • When traveling with credit cards, notify the credit card company that you are traveling outside the country, and make sure you have sufficient credit line for your trip at upon embarkation to cover the cost of your onboard expenses
  • Notify bank if you plan to use your ATM/Debit card in a foreign country, note any fees
  • Double check all travel documents for the correct spelling of your name as it appears on your proof of citizenship
  • Book or recheck your air tickets. Is the flight schedule correct? Is your name correct? Are you ticketed to fly on the right dates and at the right times?
  • Check your seat assignment; don’t assume that you have a good seat
  • Complete the cruise line’s online pre-boarding forms
  • Check airline fees and luggage restrictions: dimensions and overweight bag charges
  • Did you get trip insurance? It’s never too late
  • Place a vacation hold on your mail
  • Notify your home security system of your out of town status
  • Prepare a list of numbers to take with you, i.e., credit card numbers in case they are lost, phone numbers of family members in case of emergency
  • Notify neighbors and relatives. Leave them an itinerary with how to contact you. Be sure they will pick up any unexpected flyers placed on your door or in the driveway
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