How to help keep Alaska green

Sustainability is a topic that I enjoy discussing. The more people that are aware of our impact on the planet, the better. In the travel business there has been a lot of debate over damage caused by leisure travel.  The cruise industry has had its fair share of problems which have been in the press.

Cruise lines are committed to preserving and protecting the environment. Regrettably, there have been violations of environmental laws involving cruise lines in the past. These incidents have served as an important wake-up call, causing our industry to redouble its efforts to improve its environmental performance.

Do your part, “reduce where you can, offset what you can’t” is a non-profit dedicated to stopping global warming. They will help you calculate your carbon output and assist in collecting a donation to help carbon reduction and offset projects in the world that are fighting global warming. 

Your cruise emissions

To offset the emissions, one can make a custom donation amount of $12.50 at You’ll see the custom donation box on the right side of that page.

  1. Thanks for capturing the magnificent beauty in nature. I hope all of us help to preserve and protect our nature. Thanks for sharing this post.

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