Azamara Quest: Kepez the gateway to Troy and Gallipoli

Welcome to Canakkale Kepez Cruise Port

Azamara Quest called on the port of Kepez, which sits on the Dardanelles, the narrow strait that connects the Sea of Marmara to the Aegean and separating Europe from Asia.

Tourist information desk on Azamara Quest
Tourist information desk on Azamara Quest.

First stop: gather port information

After getting my morning cappuccino and mini-quiche from the Mosaic Cafe (included in the cruise fare, by the way) I headed to the lobby to speak with a representative from the local tourist information office. After getting my bearings and a personalized walking tour of the nearby town of Canakkale, I set off for the complimentary shuttle bus for a 15-minute ride to Republic Square.

Getting around

Complimentary shuttle bus provided by Azamara Quest.

The quiet Turkish port town of Canakkale is very easy to explore and can be done in less than two hours (probably one is enough). For those passengers who wanted to immerse themselves into history could choose a Land Discoveries option from the ship. The most popular excursions for the day included side trips to the ancient ruins in Troy; a tour of the memorial at Gallipoli Peninsula; or a 5 1/2 hour tour to the historic town of Assos, which was founded in 900-1000 BC and a site that was visited by St. Paul.

Walking tour of Canakkale

My day consisted of walking along the harbor in Canakkale. There are many cafes and shops in this quaint little town. The shuttle busses were full, so going into town was a popular option. The streets are in good repair and very easy to walk around.

Harbor in Kepez
The Çanakkale waterfront.

The wooden horse is a replica of the Trojan Horse, and also used in the movie “Troy.”

Wooden horse in Canakkale
Wooden horse in Canakkale

Off in the distance and directly across from the harbor is the Gallipoli Peninsula, which was the location of the World War I campaign that took place in the Ottoman Empire between 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916. Canakkale Turkey

Highlight of the Day

Hands down my favorite part of the day was listening to the commentary about the Dardanelles and Gallipoli from Cruise Director Tony. Although we could not see all the memorials erected in honor of the fallen heroes from the Battle of Gallipoli, we were able to observe a few of them from a unique vantage point from the ship.  There are over 50 memorials, gravesites, and cemeteries dedicated to the Turkish casualties.

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park

Canakkale Martyrs Memorial Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park Turkey

Thank goodness for my zoom lens, or I would not have been able to capture this photo of the Canakkale Martyrs Memorial from my verandah on Azamara Quest.   Memorial

Last word

We pulled out of port around 2:00 pm. The port call was brief, which allowed us to have great light for our maneuvers in the narrow strait. The ship prepared a great bbq for lunch, and the senior officers from the ship were on hand to mingle with the guests. The pool area is quite comfortable and a perfect place to enjoy life at sea.

Next stop: Kusadasi, Turkey

Cruise Cam: Live tweet from the ship.

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