Youth Ambassador Sophia's wrap up report about Cruise4Haiti

Special report from Youth Ambassador Sophia from Orange County, CA – age 12

Cruise4Haiti team sending off aid in Haiti

Cruise4Haiti Voluncruise report Day 7:

The Liberty of the Seas docked in Labadee, Haiti today. The Cruise4Haiti gang met and got off the ship to see our pallet of help for the For Haiti with Love orphanage. Although we could not get off the compound due to complications, we still were able to deliver aid. After we made sure the palates were in safe hands, everyone went off to explore the island. We walked to the edge of the island and I was awestruck. The views were amazing. We made our way down to the Dragon’s Tail roller coaster. We watched a short safety video and we were on our way. At the top, we rolled down the hill in the beautiful forest of Haiti. The views were spectacular. We turned quickly and had a huge adrenaline rush as we were going downhill. We got back on the ship and went to the Windjammer café were Chef Makers Academy was waiting for us. We booked a private group session were we were cooking foods from all around the world. We made the most delicious food I’ve eaten in a long time. The chef was super nice and donated a bunch of T-shirts for kids and gave us the class for half price. We were all stuffed and ready for bed after this busy day.

Day 8:

The final day on the ship! We slept in and relaxed for a while and then met together to recap and watch the slideshow of the whole trip. Dinner was very special because we celebrated Eva’s, the founder of For Haiti with Love, birthday. I will never forget this amazing cruise where I made tons of new friends and life changing experiences.

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