World cruise client emailing from ship

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Pirate threat prompts another cruise ship evacuation in Gulf of Aden. Click HERE for details.

From the Internet cafe aboard the Rotterdam, our world cruiser is offering us her first hand experience of the pirates off Africa. From our world cruise client aboard Holland America’s Rotterdam: Could you e-mail that article? I think it would be interesting to read to actual happenings. The hijacked ship comes in to our port this afternoon.

She will keep us updated like she has been with her interactive journal.

This topic has been very close to all of us since the hijacking of the US flag shipped cargo carrier earlier this week. However, this topic is not new. In fact it has been covered and discussed in great detail at the USA TODAY Cruise Log. CNN is doing a big story about the pirates.

I actually asked the President of Holland America Line about these pirates in an interview at the CruiseLog. When Gene Sloan gets back at the helm at the CruiseLog, I am confident that he will do some great coverage about the topic. Here is the reply I got about the “hot area” * To cruisebuzz in Mission Viejo, your customer can rest assured regarding the safety and security of our ships and itineraries. First, none of our cruises in 2009 or 2010 sail in the Gulf of Aden and needless to say, we put the safety and security of our guests and crew first and foremost – there is no more important issue than that – so we will always act with caution. For general security information, I will provide more detail in another posting.

The very ship I was asking HAL President Mr. Stein Kruse about is the very ship sitting in port waiting for the hijaked ship to arrive….

more late.

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