What type of cruiser are you? A look at sea days.

Sea Days

From the deck of Ocean Princess with South Korea in the background.

Ask any cruiser what their favorite pastime is on a cruise, and you will get a variety of answers. Ask the same person about how they feel about days at sea and you will hear some passionate replies.

There are those that love sea days and those that can’t stand the endless hours of confinement on a ship. What type of cruiser are you?

For me, I tend to enjoy a mix of sea days and port days. Looking for a balance between surrendering to relaxation and a day exploring exciting ports of call.

Here are some photos from my three-consecutive sea days while sailing to Russia from China on Ocean Princess.

Table tennis. Bring your A-game, especially on a cruise in Asia.
Going for a swim or relaxing by the pool: a fun pastime.
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