What to expect on your next cruise when it comes to "extras"

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Budget ahead of time for extras on the ship

Cruise tips for beginners, what to look for when buying your cruise vacation package.

Cruise guests pay one price which covers everything you need for a wonderful vacation at sea: a comfortable stateroom, food, entertainment and some onboard amenities, from pools and hot tubs to kids’ clubs and nightclubs.  More expensive luxury cruises will offer more all-inclusive pricing which may cover gratuities, wine, soft drinks, alcohol, shore excursions and larger cabins.

Unlike luxury cruises, that have a higher price tag, many ships have additional features and amenities available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Cruise lines charge separately for these “extras,” giving passengers the option of whether or not to indulge in them. The value proposition is that guests will choose where they want to spend their money onboard instead of paying ahead of time and not using the amenity.

Traditionally, extras have included soda and liquor, ship-to-shore phone calls, spa treatments, shore excursions and casino charges. More recently, cruise ships have added features such as Internet centers, espresso bars, alternative restaurants and specialized exercise classes available at nominal fees.

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    1. @CruiseBuzz I hate being nickeled & dimed to death on a cruise. That’s why I do Seabourn, SeaDream, etc. I want to feel special, not “used.”

      1. @CRussDavis I know. I know. I love luxury cruises and the pre-pay amenities.

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