Extreme Cruising Adventures

Extreme Cruising Does it Exist?

When most people think about adventure travel they think of extreme and dangerous sporting activities.  But those “hard” adventure travel activities are just half of the equation. The other side of the adventure travel spectrum consists of “soft” adventures that most likely consist of non-hazardous endeavors focusing mostly on leisurely pursuits involving educational opportunities like wine tours, bike tours, architectural tours, and pilgrimages.

For those looking to learn more about the two types of adventure travels check out Charles W. Bryant “How Adventure Travel Works” on HowStuffWorks.com, and for those that want to know what adventures await cruise travelers should keep on reading.

The following are ways that you can experience adventure on the ships.

Uncruise – your passport to adventure

Exploring by skiff via UnCruise

Think small ship expeditions to far away lands. The UnCruise experience I took in Mexico was full of adventure. Check it out click here.

Arctic Wonderland

Polar bear sighting on Silver Explorer
One of many glaciers in Svalbard

Arctic Wonder on Silversea

Perhaps my best adventure was on Silversea in the Arctic. Exploring Svalbard and beyond took our small expedition to the heart of the arctic where we looked for wildlife, watched glaciers, hiked glaciers, and encountered unique habitats.

Here are all the posts from that extreme cruise experience.

Extreme Alaska

Cruising Alaska is full of adventures waiting to be had. Hiking, fishing, and more await. Click here to learn more.

Bumpy ride: the adventure begins
Tracy Arm and Sawyer Glacier
Tracy Arm and Sawyer Glacier. Photo by Carrie Finley.

More Extreme Cruise Options

By now you should have some idea that I believe that there are many ways to experience adventure via a cruise vacation. But just in case you need more convincing, here are some links to other articles to check out …

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