What is a Twitter party?

If you are new to Twitter and want to know what all this Twitter party buzz is about, keep reading.

A Twitter party is a popular way for people with an affinity to join together at a designated time to post tweets about a specific topic.  The way people keep track of the tweets is to make sure to post the Hashtag (#) within a tweet.  People can follow along with the Hashtag via a search on Twitter.

Twitter users can use the search feature in Twitter to follow along or they may elect to use a tweet chat client program to search for the Hashtag. Hootsuite,  Tweetdeck and Tweetgrid make following a twitter party much easier than trying to keep up in Twitter.

What is #CruiseChat?

#CruiseChat is the specified Hashtag for the cruise related Twitter party that takes place on #TravelTuesday. This one-hour Twitter party is super fun and a great place to post cruise industry related tweets.  Anyone with something to add about the topic are welcome to participate.

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