Wave Season Predictions Recap

This was an interesting chat

The topic: 2011 Wave Season Predictions

For starters I was tweeting from seat 13A on Virgin America flight VX89 from Washington (IAD) to Los Angeles (LAX). Since I was not certain about the technology available to me to facilitate the chat, I recruited my go-to #CruiseChat peeps: Doug (@CruiseRadio) and Tim (@CruiseLineFans) to act as co-hosts. A million thanks – these guys rock!

Since it is the beginning of 2011, the topic of Wave Season seemed appropriate. What became clear is that the topic of Wave Season is a little controversial. Who knew?

I noticed a lot of new people today that jumped in. Make sure to show your support and follow them, if you want. I think it is great that we got people talking about cruising and that is how we will be able to boost our cruise influencer numbers to carve out a niche in the online travel influencer rankings.

Let’s look at the numbers.  Keep in mind though that these numbers reflect total tweets during the last 24 hour period.

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Here are some more numbers:

    Top 10 by number of impressions

  1. cruiselinefans: 364,824
  2. cruisebuzz: 222,092
  3. shipsandtrips: 91,575
  4. buycruises: 78,000
  5. cruisesource: 77,392
  6. girlsgetaway: 76,570
  7. cruiseradio: 57,615
  8. orlandochris: 33,352
  9. cruisestravel: 26,908
  10. cruisesforless: 20,750
    Top 10 by number of tweets

  1. cruiselinefans: 72
  2. shipsandtrips: 55
  3. cruisestravel: 31
  4. cruisebuzz: 26
  5. cruisesforless: 25
  6. buycruises: 25
  7. cruisegle: 24
  8. cruiseradio: 23
  9. cruisedivas: 17
  10. cruisesource: 16
    Top 10 by number of followers

  1. cruisebuzz: 8,542
  2. orlandochris: 8,338
  3. girlsgetaway: 7,657
  4. myskinconcierge: 5,541
  5. la_loquita: 5,409
  6. traveldesigned: 5,244
  7. cruiselinefans: 5,067
  8. cruisesource: 4,837
  9. musecrossing: 4,554
  10. plan_it_alaska: 4,318

Tweet of the day:

CruiseLineFans's avatar @CruiseRadio HA! #cruisechat I just chortled my coffee.

More tweets:

  • OrlandoChris's avatar A2 This should be Celebrity’s year:In a just and true world, they deserve the spotlight 4 their onboard programs#cruisechat
  • girlsgetaway's avatar I agree, I know lots of people who’re bking European cruises RT @CruiseDivas: Q2 for us looks like Europe is the hot destination #cruisechat
  • WindStarCruises's avatar @cruiseradio We’ve been happy to see more new faces on board with our recent 2-for-1 deals…. #cruisechat
  • CruiseLineFans's avatar RT @CruiseDivas: Q2 for us looks like Europe is the hot destination #cruisechat
  • Shipsandtrips's avatar A2 #cruisechat – We’ve been on a #RiverCruiseroll over here!
  • cruiseradio's avatar Q2. What do you predict as the “hot” cruise destination for 2011 #cruise season? #cruisechat < NOT Falmouth,Jamaica
  • whitestarcruise's avatar A2. #CruiseChat The MED is still very popular with UK pax – In 2011 ex-uk cruising will be on the up as 2010 saw BA strikes and Ash Clouds..
  • cruiseguy's avatar @buycruises Cruise bookings more spread out 2day than ever B4. More competition for US focused brands by int’l passengers. #cruisechat
  • TravelMaestro's avatar @buycruises agree wave season has flattened out, but I think still exists – just over 3 months, rather than 1 wk#cruisechat
  • Vintage_Hotels's avatar In the hotel industry we call it “High Season”. Why not High-Tide Season? #cruisechat
  • scottlara1961's avatar #cruisechat I think it’s important we have a name to go along with this sales event for consumers,cruiselines and the media.
  • buycruises's avatar Deals are amazing for the Caribbean first quarter because there is so much inventory! Most ships are parked there for winter #CruiseChat
  • traveldesigned's avatarA1 a marketing concept developed by the cruise industry to entice sales during Jan-when most ppl are spending $#cruisechat
  • whitestarcruise's avatar #CruiseChat – Well last year in the Uk it got going about week 3 in Jan – and Feb and Mar were good. A few years ago it used to start Jan 2
  • cruisegle's avatar Hi all at #cruisechat just crawled to my computer
  • Shipsandtrips's avatar RT @CruiseRadio: I think wave season is an out dated term these days but serves the point. #cruisechat
  • CruiseLineFans's avatar @whitestarcruise Interesting. I love the subtle difference in UK vs US cruise/travel patterns. #cruisechat
  • CruiseLineFans's avatar RT @buycruises: I think because cruising is year round- wave season has changed- bookings more spread out.#cruisechat
  • cruisesource's avatar @Cruiselinefans I think another reason for wave season is that everyone can start requesting time off for the new year. #CruiseChat
  • Only398's avatar A1 Wave Season: like Black Friday but lasts from Jan-Mar, busiest cruise booking months of the year. #CruiseChat

We will tweet you at the next #CrusieChat

  1. Thanks so much for this recap, the mentions and the chance to co host with Doug from CruiseRadio. #CruiseChat has become a real highlight to my work week. Cheers!

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  3. Great #CruiseChat session @CruiseBuzz!!! See you again next week!


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