Vivitar Selfie Stick

Travel Trend – Selfie Sticks

When I was in Venice, Italy there were a lot of people meandering around Piazza San Marco. One thing that stuck out were the amount of people with selfie sticks. Mind you this was a couple years ago, but the trend is still going strong.

San Marco square
Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy.


Recently I had an opportunity to sample the Vivitar Bluetooth Selfie Stick . What I liked about this device was the bluetooth technology. There is no need for an external remote, which makes using this selfie stick super efficient and easy to use.  Also, the foldability makes this product great for travel. For those looking to maximize a group shot, the 42” extension pole makes it easy to capture a large group. For cruise passengers on shore excursions the long lasting rechargeable battery is perfect for all day filming.

Vivitar Selfie Stick TR-495
If you are looking for ideas about what to take photos of with your iPhone, check out this post. Mount your iPhone onto the Vivitar Bluetooth Selfie Stick and take it to the next level.


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