Unique reasons to river cruise

How is river cruising different than other cruises?

  • Intimate ships, average capacity approx 130 to 150 passengers
  • A more intimate experience
  • Unique ship design purpose-built for river cruising
  • Door-to-door pricing with all excursions, guides, meals, enrichment, and accommodations
  • New scenery—all day, every day
  • Easy embarkation/disembarkation
  • Transfers on arrival & departure days (subject to transfer guidelines of the operator)
  • Unpack once
  • No long lines

River cruising—a better way to explore

Comfortable, convenient and safe, it offers a greater variety of destinations than you could not encounter any other way—and lets you get in-depth exposure to the culture and history of each region. Both experienced and first-time travelers have discovered the joys of river cruising, making it the fastest-growing segment of the cruising industry.

Also known as “boutique cruising,”  the most popular North America cruise brands are:  AMAWaterways, Avalon, Uniword and Viking River Cruises.

River cruising offers a more intimate experience compared to mass market cruise ships.

Because River ships are designed to accommodate between 150 and 300 guests ( most being 150-185), it is easy to make new friends, share a drink with the couple you met on the day’s tour, or dine with interesting people in the open-seating restaurant.

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