Traveling with social media

With social media I can travel around the globe with a few clicks of a mouse.

A new social media trend is emerging. The use of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to report live from destinations is on the rise.

Last week the Buzz Booth attended the launch of the new Celebrity Cruises ship in Hamburg, Germany. And while the invited guests watched the christening event live in the ship’s theater many others were able to follow along thanks to a live stream managed by the cruise line.

This week I was introduced to Cod tongues: A Newfoundland specialty in Corner Brook while Avid Cruiser is in that region filming. Thanks to mobile technologies and Facebook Fan Page updates, and tweets, I have been able to learn more about the Cruise Atlantic Canada partners and now I know more about what is going on in Atlantic Canada and throughout Canada New England.

But that’s not all. In addition to exploring Canada, I have also been catching some of the wave of updates from @JohnnyJet who is on a Hurtigruten cruise in Norway.

Now. #Norway #Hurtigruten on Twitpic


social media buzz
The tweet that inspired the post.


So where to next?

So if you are one of my Facebook friends, Twitter followeres, in one of my Google+ circles, or are a person I know in real life, what do you think? What destinations have you learned about while people report live and share via social media?

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