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Landmarks, food, fun memories & (of course!) travel selfies!

When it comes to traveling, some people think that if  you don’t take photos, it didn’t happen. Taking photos while traveling is easier than ever: use a cell phone, tablet, or fancy camera to capture and and share your memories (the best souvenir).

Inspired by Travel Weekly’s #TWchats, I put together some of my photo memories ….

Favorite place to relax

At home in or near the water. Pictured below is a shot taken from Katakolon, Greece. You might notice that my head is a bit tense, that’s because there was a  lot of jelly fish in the water and I needed to be ready for action.

Floating at sea - very cool.
Floating at sea – very cool. Photo by Jessica Robinson @CruiseJess


Bridges and canals found in Venice, Italy from the bridge to the prison at the Doge’s Palace.

Bridges and canals in Venice.
Bridges and canals in Venice.

Favorite restaurant or foodie moment

Cruising and food go hand-in-hand. Some cruise lines do it better than others. For example the canapes below are courtesy of my Silversea butler. Luxury cruising is the best!

Canapes a la sea side

A travel selfie

Well, we all have a little selfie in the best of us (and worst of us). A true selfie is one that a person takes of themselves. I took this photo while visiting Corfu, Greece.

Corfu Selfie - Carrie Finley Bajak
Corfu Selfie – Carrie Finley Bajak

Your favorite, all-around travel photo

This is a photo montage of a Christmas Markets cruise I took on the Rhine River. My favorite part of that trip was seeing the markets and using the complimentary bikes. So much fun! Read more about it here

Uniworld Cruises


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