Travel Hot Spots 2012 with Johnny Jet

Travel blogger Johnny Jet debuts new show on Travel Channel called “HOT SPOTS 2012.”

Although Johnny Jet  (aka John E. DiScala) is usually cruising above 30,000 feet, he does manage to take to the sea during his show  “HOT SPOTS 2012″ with Johnny Jet, which is scheduled to air on the Travel Channel, January 1 at 9:00 PM EST (check local listings).

2012 Hot Spots Around the Globe – Photo by FlyingSinger.

I had a chance to ask John if there were any cruises featured on his show and I was told to keep an eye out  for the Titanic Memorial cruise  aboard Fred. Olsen Cruises Balmoral during the show (very fitting if you ask me; especially since 2012 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic).

In an interview on The Mad Traveler, John describes that developing a travel show has been a goal for awhile. Personally, I am excited to see the format and my only hope is that the Travel Channel has a live Twitter stream along the bottom of the screen to encourage interaction among the online travel community.

Since John is often found galavanting around in jumbo jets to far away places, I have managed to meet him IRL (in real life) once. I will never forget how he landed at LAX and drove over to a fund raiser for our Cruise4Haiti efforts (what a nice guy!). John’s Facebook posts and Twitter stream often include great tips and links to videos and photos from his journeys.

Make sure to tune in and check out the show.

Follow along on Twitter. I am told that the following hashtags were  set up: #hotspots #2012 #JohnnyJet


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