Travel agents on YouTube

YouTube roundup of travel agents (is there anybody out there)

Setting off to find some examples of travel agents who are leveraging the social media channel YouTube to inspire viewers should be easy, right? But after spending 15 minutes searching YouTube with the keyword phrase “travel agent” I was left feeling like there was nobody out there.

I am writing my column about YouTube marketing for my Going Social column at Travel Weekly and I am in search of travel agents who are using the social media channel. By the way, if you know of any send me the link.  Curating content is one of my favorite pastimes. Today, my mission was to find a few great travel agents (independent agents not like Expedia, or the like) and guess what? I am not having an easy go of it.

All I could find on first Google was the following sketches….


Monty Python – Travel agent sketch

At the Travel Agency – Travel English Lessons. Traveling English


YouTube search for Travel Agency Commercials

Travel agency commercials were also available but they did not empower the viewers to take action or learn anything about a destination…

I applaud the effort it took for this person to record the following video but it was missing the mark for inspiration… especially when it is competing against the likes of major tourism bureaus and destination marketing organizations.

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