Tour Buzz: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anuva Wines offers boutique wine tours in Buenos Aires

If you are a cruise passenger heading to Buenos Aires, then think about booking a wine tour at Anuva Wines.


Wine tasting featuring Anuva Wines.
Wine tasting featuring Anuva Wines.

Spend the day at Anunva Wines

Argentina is the world’s fifth largest wine producer  and cruise passengers passing through the capital have a chance to discover boutique wines when they visit Anuva WinesAnuva Wines offers wine tastings of boutique and exclusive Argentine wines in its private wine loft in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Just for reference, most cruise ships will use the cruise ship terminal Puerto Buenos Aires that is located about ½ miles from the city center.

From Anuva Wines Facebook page
From Anuva Wines Facebook page


Anuva Wine Tasting Details:

Tapas and wine pairings - #delish. Photo by Anuva Wines.
Tapas and wine pairings – #delish. Photo by Anuva Wines.

Currently the price for the wine tasting is $52 and that includes 5 glasses of limited production, boutique Argentine wines paired with 5 uniquely Argentine tapas.  Wines can include the fruity Malbec, Bonarda and Argentina’s flagship white wine, Torrontes. Tastings are normally in English and a tasting can be done any time during the day or evening.  Your ship might have an organized tour to Anuva Wines or you can make arrangements directly with the company – check their website (

The 90-minute wine tasting is a great way to spend some extra time in port, especially if you are in Buenos Aires before or after your cruise, which is quite common for this busy turnaround port.

Wine is poured by the half-glass, with plenty of refills for anyone who wants them, but also no pressure to finish any glass. Private tastings can be arranged for people to people who only want to sample a specific variety, such as reds or Malbecs.

Wine Tasting Details

  • 5 limited production wines from boutique Argentine wineries paired with 5 traditional Argentine Tapas (think empanadas, picada, etc.)
  • A fun, informative chat about the different wines, where they come from and the history of wine in Argentina with a friendly Anuva Sommelier
  • Option to ship your favorites to your home in United States and Australia

Hours of operation:

  • Monday Thursday at 3pm and 6pm
  • Friday Saturday at 2pm and 5pm.
  • Sunday Closed

Anuva Wines was founded by American Expat, Dan Karlin, who arrived in Buenos Aires in 2003. His second night in this port city, he fell in love with an Argentine woman, Lourdes Silvera. Together, they fell in love with the country’s unique and undiscovered new world wines. They married and started a family. The couple spent the next few years scouring the winemaking regions of Mendoza and Salta, the heart of the wine country in Argentina, searching for small, family-owned wineries with delicious new flavors to offer. The couple wanted to create a way to share these limited bottle production wines with people from all over the world, and Anuva Wines was born.

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