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Cruise Chat weekly Twitter party for cruise travelers theme cruise recap.

July 12th, 2011 CruiseChat Recap

So many theme cruises to tweet about, not enough time.

Thanks to #CruiseChat co-host  Fernando Costantino and the cruise crew for making this one of the most popular sessions to date.  What is #CruiseChat?

The Numbers

699 tweets generated 3,388,346 impressions, reaching an audience of 325,743 followers.  Calculated from up to about 1000 tweets by Generated Tue Jul 12 2011 12:07:10 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Top 10 by number of impressions

  1. cruisebuzz: 820,902
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  3. traveldesigned: 252,468
  4. jkheaton: 238,080
  5. luxurycruiseco: 209,097
  6. shipsandtrips: 165,240
  7. halcruises: 135,847
  8. only398: 134,937
  9. cruisesource: 102,612
  10. isabellestravel: 83,320

Top 10 by number of tweets

  1. cruisebuzz: 82
  2. carevacations: 69
  3. shipsandtrips: 60
  4. holafernando: 45
  5. cruisecoaches: 36
  6. traveldesigned: 36
  7. jkheaton: 31
  8. american_cruise: 21
  9. vikingriver: 21
  10. luxurycruiseco: 21

Top 10 by number of followers

  1. traveldudes: 55,061
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  3. rickgriffin: 30,409
  4. theplanetd: 20,611
  5. only398: 14,993
  6. shesconnected: 10,426
  7. isabellestravel: 10,415
  8. cruisebuzz: 10,011
  9. luxurycruiseco: 9,957
  10. eventsforwomen: 9,750

The Questions

Q1. Have you ever been on a theme cruise? When? Where? #Cruisechat

Q2. Which theme are you: cougar, quilter, Elvis or Harley. Why? #cruisechat

Q3. What would you do if you were the leader of a theme group on vacation?

Q4. Fill in the blank. My life would be complete if I cruised with _____. Why?

Q5. What special interest group cruise sounds fun to you and why? #cruisechat Scrapbooking, fundraising, voluncruise, baseball or what?

Q6. Guesstimate. What is the going rate for a full ship charter on a cruise ship that holds 2000 passengers.

Q7. Jazz, Shakespeare, Wine, or Poker: which theme cruise are you? Why?

Q8. Fill in the blank. The only thing better than a vacation is ____.

Wall of Fame – some of the tweets from the stream

Jon Fleming
  • JonFlemingUK Jon Fleming  A8 – a bit late, but the one thing better than a holiday is planning the holiday – I love the anticipation!
Scott Anderson
Barbara Hartman
  • CruiseCoaches Barbara Hartman  A8 – ________ Planning your next one.
Stephanie Diehl
  • TravelDesigned Stephanie Diehl  The only thing better than a vacation is HMMMMM…. not even going to touch that
Sue Lowry
  • MagellanPR Sue Lowry  Booked! RT @MiddleSeatView: A7 how about jazz and wine? Drinking and dancing… and drinking some more!
Christina Saull
Janet Kelly Heaton
Scott Anderson
LuxuryCruiseCo Scott Anderson  Ok so anyone been on a Naked Theme Cruise? They do them! #cruisechat Cant imagine the rock climbing wall would be too popular!
Discount Cruises
  • DiscCruisesCa Discount Cruises excellent pairing RT @LuxuryCruiseCo: A5 – Culinary & Camera theme – so me and the other half are both happy!
Cruise Source
  • CruiseSource Cruise Source  Go on any cruise out of #NOLA during football season and you’ll feel like you’re on a #Saints Cruise.
Scott Anderson
Anne Dimon
  • shipsandtrips ShipsAndTripsTravel When I cruised w/ 80 Red Hatters, I tipped band $100 2 play their theme song once a day on pool deck so they could parade to tea
Scott Anderson
  • LuxuryCruiseCo Scott Anderson  A1 – When I worked at sea we had a Jazz Theme Cruise – it was awesome! I wasnt even into jazz and it was great!
Cruise Source
  • CruiseSource Cruise Source  @CruiseBuzz Themed cruises r a great way to attract cruise rookies.. if they’re passionate about wine, they’ll do a wine cruise
Viking River Cruises
Barbara Hartman
  • CruiseCoaches Barbara Hartman  I do like the wine themed cruises. Being able to sample different types is always something to look forward to.
Christina Saull


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