Southern hospitality at Chateau Blessey

Find out where I discovered how the south reminds me of cruising.

Chateau Blessey

I have spent the last couple of days in Biloxi, Mississippi with fellow travel writers. Although the reason for my visit was to speak about Social Media + Travel at the 2013 Society of American Travel Writers conference, I have been looking for a cruise connection.

Today, I had lunch at Chateau Blessey. This bed and breakfast reminded me about what I love about cruising: great food with fabulous service. The attentive innkeepers Walter and Katherine Blessey cooked our group of 14 an amazing meal of fresh oysters, Walter’s Seafood Gumbo, Shrimp Bisque, Pasta Salad with Artichokes & Olives,  Red Beans & Rice, corn bread and for dessert Mississippi Mud Pie.

Check out my photos and then keep reading about what cruise ships offer guests a taste of the south

Walter Blessey is a retired attorney who loves to cook.  The wood burning heart serves as a great spot to showcase Chateau Blessey’s collection of oyster knives.

Chateau Blessey
Chateau Blessey innkeeper shows off his oyster tools..

Chateau Blessey offers guests the opportunity to enjoy Southern hospitality, which in our case today included a warm welcome and an invitation to chat with the chef to learn a couple tips about how to cook southern food.

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Chateau Blessey

New Orleans-style regional cuisine on the ships

I have had southern-style food on the cruise ships, but today I got to research some cooking techniques and sample the local fare. Keep reading to see what cruise lines offer southern-style food on the ships.

Princess Cruises – Bayou Cafe

Cruise visitors sailing on Princess Cruises are treated to New Orleans-style restaurant, the Bayou Café & Steakhouse. This eatery (on select Princess Cruises ships) offers dishes like gumbos and jambalaya. The stars of the show will include shrimp and crawfish.

What memorable southern dishes have you enjoyed on the ships? Leave a comment










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