Reasons to river cruise

Viking River Cruises asks….

What is the best part about river cruising?

Social Media post of the day from Viking River Cruises' Facebook page.
Social Media post of the day from Viking River Cruises’ Facebook page.


Curated List of Top 5 Reasons to River Cruise

  1. Not going from hotel to hotel – unpack once
  2. Cruising on a river!
  3. No bingo & or gaming
  4. Unpacking once, fabulous food, wonderful staff, new friends made, beautiful sights to see.
  5. The scenery from your own cabin while floating leisurely down the river in Europe.

If you want to see the entire list of reasons, head over to the Viking River Cruises Facebook page here.

In the meantime, here is my two-cents worth.

Viking River Cruises
The key to a Viking River Cruise is the personal guide.

I love the value of river cruising: one price for lodging, meals, and tours. The quality of the staff make it an added bonus as well as the ability to let the cruise line and your travel agent handle all the details (pre or post stays as well as transfers).

River cruising is a great way to explore.

I love the intimacy of the ships: they are small (compared to ocean vessels) and you get to visit iconic cities up-close-and-personal. For example, while traveling on Viking River Cruises, our boat was docked right in the heart of the city of Vienna. We could use the ship as our launch pad delivering us to the heart of one of the most beautiful cities along the Danube River.  Read more here: Danube Waltz, Viking River Cruises, Viking River Cruises  Viking Skadi.

I have also traveled on the Rhine River and found it equally convenient. In fact, on Uniworld I was able to take a bike for a ride into town from the dock – a major highlight. Read more here: Rhine Christmas Markets via Uniworld Cruises, S.S. Antoinette

Unpacking once is helpful, but to me and my clients (when I was in sales) we really like the value of river cruising, especially in Europe. The ship is like a floating hotel and the meals are included; not to mention the tours.


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