Russian Far East – port review Vladivostok

Welcome to Vladivostok, Russia!

Everything is connected to the sea in Vladivostok.

Founded in 1860, Vladivostok is the gateway to Siberia.

Cruise ships, like the Ocean Princess, dock in the heart of Vladivostok.  Although there are many shore excursions available for cruise guests, most of the attractions are within walking distance to the ship.

Vladivostok: a nucleus for overseas traffic in the Far East and on the Pacific coast of Russia.


Cruise passengers can choose to visit the Arsenev Regional Museum, which is a good place to learn about the history of the area.


Railway station building. Nicholas II, the last Czar of Russia, laid the cornerstone of this historic building in Vladiviostok.

Dating back to 1911, the Trans-Siberian Railway terminus is a fun place to explore. In fact, cruise visitors can begin a self-guided walking tour from this landmark heading towards Eagle’s Nest Hill and the Funicular.

The main street of Aleuskaya is a great destination for shopping and wandering around.  When ships are in port, local vendors set up booths to sell their wares.

The best shopping is found at the GUM department store. Housed in a building dating back to 1885, this store has a variety items for sale. On the top floor is a restaurant.

The on-board museum found in the first ship of the Soviet Pacific Fleet, the Krasny Vympel is worth a visit.

Submarine monument naval museum in Vladivostok

Submarine Monument Museum: allows visitors to go inside a well preserved former sub of the Russion fleet. A portion of the hull has been turned into a naval museum.

Central Square

Central Square: easy enough to find right on the waterfront, this square is officially known as the “Square of the Fighters for Soviet Power in the Far East.”

The trolleybuses are currently out of operation for city-wide renovations.

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