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Daily Program

Getting to know the ship is my first priority!

  • Port of call: Raiatea, Society Islands from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Children of Raiatea
  • Shore Excursions in Radiate
  • Snorkel & Black Pearl Farm Adventure
  • Dinner:  L’Etoile
We have the  day to explore the island, which was once  the cultural, religious, royal and political heart of Polynesia. I will be on the lookout for the remains of ancient Polynesian-built maraes, or temples, of stone in many sizes. The maraes provided a physical space for the spirit of the gods to occupy during ritual ceremonies, as did the carved wooden tikis for which the region is famous.  I am hoping to  Taputapuatea, a national monument and the most important marae in the Society Islands.

Shore Excursion

The science behind the Black Pearl.

Explore Tahiti’s most unique and sought-after natural treasures during this canoeing and snorkeling adventure, which also includes a visit to the Black Pearl Farm.

Depart the pier aboard a motorized outrigger canoe for the 30-minute ride to Taha’a, Raiatea’s sister island, which shares the same lagoon. Upon arrival in Taha’a, you will proceed for a visit to Poerani, a black pearl farm. The vanilla industry is the island’s most important business, followed closely by the production of black pearls. At the black pearl farm, you will learn all about the magnificent black pearl, French Polynesia’s most beautiful jewel. This informative stop will help you understand the value of these lustrous gems in these islands – and around the world.

Continue on to a small motu for an opportunity to snorkel in its crystal-clear water. This motu is located close to a pass where experienced snorkelers can observe the drop-off of the reef. Don your snorkeling gear and enter the water, where you will see wonderful underwater fauna and a myriad of tropical fish swimming around you.

Local kids swimming in a motu.


Virtual Voyage

Happening Now: virtual voyage on Paul Gauguin Cruises

Join me as I journey to Tahiti, French Polynesia  & The South Pacific.  I set sail for a 7-night cruise aboard the M/S Paul Gauguin on Feb 25, 2012.

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