Qingdao China cruise port review

Port Buzz: Qingdao, China

Qingdao – The name “Qingdao” means “The blue/green island.”

Qingdao, China

The port of Qingdao at Jiaozhou Bay in China

After cruising about 300 nautical miles west-southwest of the Port of Incheon, Siversea Cruises’ Silver Shadow pulled up to the dock. Looking out to the Yellow Sea, Qingdao is a busy port buzzing with activity. The Port of Qingdao rests at the entrance to Jiaozhou Bay on the south coast of Shadong Peninsula.

Qingdao City Highlights

  • Badaguan (Eight Great Passes)
  • Zhanqiao Pier
  • Xiaoyushan (Small Fish Hill) Park
  • May 4th Square (Wu Si Guang Chang) is a large public square in Qingdao’s central business district
  • Tsingtao Beer Museum
  • Zhanshan Temple
  • The Qingdao Underwater World (Chinese) is China’s first public aquarium
  • Qingdao Catholic Church
  • Mt. Laoshan
  • Taiqing Palace
  • Qingdao Catholic Church
  • Zhanshan Temple
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