Carnival Breeze Pinterset Pinboards

Carnival Breeze Inspired Pinterest Pinboards

Review of Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Breeze Pinterest Pinboards.

Two things prompted me to go looking around Pinterest for interesting buzz from the cruise lines: first I wanted to checkup on the lines to see their Pinterest progress and secondly Carnival Breeze is top-of-mind (especially after reading all Ralph’s posts on

Carnival Breeze Pinboards

I stumbled upon three interesting pinboards from Carnival Cruise Lines Pinterest site:

Carnival Cruise Line excels at implementing social media tools and fans respond (check the ranking of cruise lines on Facebook article). The creation of the three pinboards helps set the mood for what to expect on Carnival Breeze and gives a good visual map of what some of the ports look like, the food, and possibly some ideas about what to wear.

Port Reviews

Current pins of some ports visited by Carnival Breeze during her inaugural.

Good Eats

I like the start of the Carnival Breeze Eats pinboards. Cruisers always create great buzz about culinary options on the ships. This board should get populated in no time.

Pins on the Carnival Breeze Eats pinboard.

What to wear

For those that followed along with the Real Carnival Breeze campaign, you will notice these pins are of Janel. We reported about the American Idol’s first cruise while Janell was in Dubrovnik. Now, we can check out Janell’s wardrobe and get fashion inspiration. I am inspired that someone took the time to demonstrate how Pinterest can be used in a collaborative manner.

Have you made any Pinboards yet?

If you have joined Pinterest, let me know. I would love to see what innovative things you are doing with pins. Pinterest is a great tool for cruise lines and users that love to cruise and travel.

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