Photo Tour: Cruising Alaska

Photo Tour: Cruising Alaska

I thought it might be fun to take a virtual world cruise and discover some interesting things about the places and ports that cruise ships visit. Starting with the first letter of the alphabet, our tour begins in Alaska. Although the cruise season runs from May through September, travelers looking to book their dream cruise to Alaska should do so in the late Fall and early Winter to get the best deals and availability.

So where have you thought about cruising?

Leave a comment below or keep reading to discover some ideas about where you might want to cruise next.

Cruise Alaska

The hardest thing about cruising Alaska is deciding on what itinerary to choose. My favorite option is a pre-cruise land tour that includes a visit to Denali National Park then a 7-day southbound cruise to Vancouver or Seattle. I have two iVoyage trip journals for you to review if you want to discover how to cruise Alaska.

Soaring above Mendenhall Glacier. Port of call: Juneau

It’s all about the glacier experience.

Sawyer Glacier

South Sawyer Glacier from scenic cruising Tracy Arm Fjord.

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay


Alaska Nature and Wildlife

Cruise visitors have plenty of chances to explore the natural wonders found in the great state of Alaska including its waterways, wildlife, and plants of the rainforest.

Rain Forest. Port of call: Ketchikan
Whale sighting in Auke Bay. Port of call: Juneau.


Season:  May to September

What to do:

  1. Learn about glaciers from the ship and on foot via a shore excursion
  2. Take photos of wildlife: look for bears, bald eagles, moose, and whales
  3. Experience a Helicopter Glacier Trek
  4. Go flightseeing in a fixed-wing airplane
  5. Learn about the Gold Rush and the history of the state
  6. Hike in the forest
  7. Go fishing
  8. Take a ride on the Alaska Railroad
  9. Get into the interior and visit Denali
  10. Crab Fishing Adventure


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