Norwegian Getaway Social Media Buzz

Norwegian Getaway Buzz

I explored two programs ( and to find the best photos on social sites: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter of  Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship Norwegian Getaway. Below you will see my favorite shots of the ninth largest cruise ship ever built (155600 tons).

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#norwegiangetaway #ultimategetaway #miamisultimateship #newship #southampton #portofsouthampton #ncl #norwegiancruiseline #cruiselikeanorwegian

Instagram Posts


Statigram Norwegian Getaway

A good look of the hull painted by Miami Artist David “Lebo” Le Batard.

Norwegian Getaway in Rotterdam

Norwegian Getaway was in Rotterdam before heading to Southampton to pick up some guests.

@eddyphilipsen was standing by
#Instagrammer @eddyphilipsen was standing by to get the shot

Um….this was very popular on Instagram…

At 33 Likes, I can see why this photo generated a lot of buzz.

Intagram post from eddyphilipsen.

Instagram post from eddyphilipsen.

Get in on the action. @NorwegianCruiseLine says to tag your cruise photos with #cruiselikeanorwegian.

Facebook Post

Check out the complete photo album of ship shots, click here

View of the waterpark from Norwegian Cruise Line's Facebook page.
View of the waterpark from Norwegian Cruise Line’s Facebook page.

Twitter Roundup

From @CruiseLog Gene Sloan's Twitter stream
From @CruiseLog Gene Sloan’s Twitter stream
From @CaptGreybeard on Twitter
From @CaptGreybeard on Twitter

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