Norwegian Breakaway Generating a lot of Cruise Buzz Online

Norwegian Breakaway generating a lot of cruise buzz online

Last week I reported about a Facebook update from Norwegian Cruise Line, if you missed the Shipyard Buzz click here… it seems that with a little review of my Twitter timeline, there is quite a story in the making around Norwegian’s newest ship Breakaway, launching in April 2013.

Ship Buzz: Norwegian Breakaway

When she is complete, Norwegian Breakaway will be the largest ship to homeport in New York City year-round.

The photo below shows the construction of one of the most important pieces of Norwegian Breakaway, the ship’s bridge. The bridge “block” is the  last block to be lifted on to the top of the ship: a huge milestone.

From the shipyard via Norwegian Cruise Line Twitter stream on Septermber 10, 2012

As you can see from the number of Facebook fans responding by leaving comments or “likes” there is a lot of buzz around this new ship.

Via Norwegian Cruise Line Facebook update


Via Norwegian Cruise Line Twitter stream



Hull Design by Peter Max

Peter Max’s signature artwork will cover approximately 40,000 square feet of Norwegian Breakaway’s hull.

Hull Art by Peter Max. Image from Norwegian Cruise Line.
From the artist …. via Norwegian Cruise Line Twitter timeline
From the Norwegian Cruise Line Twitter account

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Keep up with Norwegian Breakaway online at one of the Norwegian Cruise Line online outlets:

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