New type of travel agency

I have been pondering the evolution of the travel industry since before we opened the doors of Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo. We properly positioned our location based on demographics and needs of the community we serve. But something was always missing. I focused on trying to get clarity on what I thought was missing and it became clear to me that we were attempting to learn an outdated business model. Our mentors and role models were successful so logically we would try to emulate what worked for them. Unfortunately, attempting to copy successful people after the fact does not yield results.

I like what says about their mission statement:
The web’s first combined cruise community and cruise planning and buying site. The site facilitates the online cruise purchasing experience by merging e-commerce with e-community, empowering consumers to independently choose and purchase their perfect cruise holiday. is equipped with customer service support, as well as a social media community designed for cruise enthusiasts to share and compare stories of their travels.

I believe that a morphed version of this mission statement is the wave of the future. To our loyal clients, they are looking for a new port in the information storm. After a bombardment of information on the Internet, it is nice to pull into our office and chat about vacation options. In the meantime, we are creating a new type of travel industry.

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