Live from Naples, Italy for cruise visitors via Royal Princess

Shore excursion review from Naples, Italy via Royal Princess

Princess tour sign

Cruise passengers arriving to Naples, Italy on Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess were greeted with hot temperatures and lots of options for enjoying Italy’s third-largest city.

Port operations in Naples are bustling, and embarking on my shore excursion to Sorrento and onward to Amalfi was a breeze.  Princess also offered tours to the ruins of Pompeii and excursions to the Isle of Capri. Of coarse, those wanting to explore on their own could spend the day in Naples (have a slice of pizza and some Neapolitan ice cream while you’re at it).


The Road to Sorrento

Headed to Sorrento

Getting to Sorrento will take about 45-minutes, depending on traffic. And I will say, those that are squeamish of twisting roads should know that the ride to the cliffside town of Sorrento is curvy with lots of tight spaces.



Sorrento shopping


Drink up

Make sure to sample the local limoncello,  which is a tangy lemon liqueur made in Sorrento. The shopkeepers are more than happy to help you enjoy a sample.  If you are looking for unique souvenirs, this local drink is a good option. Other items worth purchasing include ceramics, jewelry, and linens.


Amalfi Coast Cruise

Amalfi cathedral
Amalfi cathedral

After lunch, our tour loaded back into the bus for Salerno, which took over an hour. In Salerno we boarded a boat that took our group on a 60-minute cruise along the gorgeous Amalfi coastline.


Wake rider. Summer fun on the water.
Wake rider. Summer fun on the water.


The coastal town of Amalfi emerging from the
Amalfi beach
Seaside getaway in Amalfi

Since the tour only allows for one hour of exploration in this seaside retreat, plan accordingly. My biggest regret is that I did not bring my bathing suit, which would have allowed me to take a refreshing dip in the waters. However, I did mange to put my feet into the sea.

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