July 4th Freedom Hike to Laguna Beach

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Hike from Boomer Canyon to Laguna Beach

If you have been keeping up with my posts then you know that I am all about the sea and getting to the beach. So when the opportunity to walk from Irvine to Laguna Beach became available, I was all over it.

Off we go. About 8 miles to the sea over the mountain to the beach.

Our climate and geography is very Mediterranean like. The hilltops and slopes remind me of my Disney Cruise Line port of call in Nice, France.

However, the patches of sage, cacti,  Native Valley Grassland and Maritime Chaparral are indicitave of this Orange County geography.

More photos

Made it to Laguna Beach (almost).
A mountain goat in Laguna Beach. Really.
What goes up (and I mean an uphill hike) always comes down.
Trailhead on the Laguna Beach side of the trail.
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