Carnival's Senior Cruise Director John Heald Reaches Milestone

Carnival’s Senior Cruise Director John Heald Reaches Milestone

John Heald’s blog reaches 15 million views. That is a major milestone in cyberspace so we applaud John for his accomplishment.

Who is John Heald?

John Heald looking very mysterious. Photo from John Heald’s Facebook post.


John Heald’s wiki says that he is  the senior cruise director of Carnival Cruise Lines and a blogger for the cruise line. He first became a Carnival cruise director in 1990. In 2004, he was named the senior cruise director of Carnival.

In celebration of his milestone, I poked around his “blog thingy” (that is what he calls his website) and found this YouTube feature film.

My only John Heald regret

A quick look at John’s Facebook posts and you might notice that he has a lot of fans and an almost equal share of foes.  Personally I enjoy his irreverence and would have loved to have met him. In fact, we were to meet on Carnival Splendor during her West Coast inaugural but alas he failed to show up. We must have had our signals crossed (or one of his handlers forgot to tell him).  However, I don’t hold a grudge. In fact, it could be the very reason why we will have a redo one day on the ships.

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