Is Travel Tuesday on Twitter Dead?

A look at Travel Tuesday Mortality? Is #TT Dead or Alive on Twitter?

Another Tuesday rolls around and I wonder, how many people are actually still posting to the #TravelTuesday (#TT) hashtag?

I still get a lot of mentions, and I still handcraft tweets giving props to those that should get a follow, but I wonder how many others still feel passionate about posting #TravelTueday tweets?

Even the inventor of #TravelTuesday, Katy who tweets at  @whereivebeen, has yet to post one #tt mention today.


Twitter stream from @whereivebeen on Tuesday June 12, 2012

Read about how Travel Tuesday took over Twitter here, and let me know what you think. If you have tips or want to share your experiences about #TT leave a comment. And if you are here looking for some suggestions for travel people to follow, check out our list of cruise lines on Twitter.



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