Irrive Social Scrapbook Service

Introducing Irrive Social Scrapbook Service

Irrive is a Social Scrapbook service is a new social marketing tool that allows users to create and share life’s adventures.

In closed Beta (tech talk for the company is still in the testing phase), I had an opportunity to test-drive Irrive to determine if I could squeeze one more social site into my social media palette. What I discovered is a program that can help me generate quick trip summaries in a new format. I liked the video scrapbook feature the best.

For cruise travelers and people that provide services to cruise passengers (cruise lines, port vendors, hotels, tourism bureau’s), I think that Irrive can assist with the task of taking photos and putting them into compelling stories that are easy for peer-to-peer sharing.

How Irrive Works

A user can automatically create a scrapbook for either past or upcoming: cruise vacations, holidays, getaways, and other memorable life events.  The user simply sets the dates for the scrapbook and Irrive quickly creates the page.

After you login, there are two ways to create new Irrive social scrapbooks:

  1. Upload photos directly into Irrive.
  2. Stream social updates directly by linking accounts to Irrive.  Once given permission by the user, Irrive automatically gathers and organizes a your content from linked social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, FourSquare and Flickr. The plan is to add more networks in the future. set the dates that you want your social media content to pull and that’s it! All of your photos, posts, check-ins etc will flow to the scrapbook.

Your Scrapbook: ready for sharing

Step 1.

Create a scrapbook from a memorable event: I made a scrapbook from my Alaska cruise on Holland America Line. You can see my scrapbook by clicking here.

Example of Alaska Cruise Irrive scrapbook.

Step 2.

Share with your friends.

You can choose to share your Irrive scrapbook via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Irrive scrapbooks can be shared on multiple social networks like Facebook,Twitter, or email.

Irrive stores a user’s scrapbook pages and friends’ scrapbook pages in the user dashboard so that it is easy for a user to share and revisit past scrapbooks.  Each page can be set to “Private” (login required) or “Friends” (which can be accessed just by viewing the page’s url, no login required).

Video Scrapbook

At the end of your adventure, Irrive creates a video of your photos that you can customize and show the world.   Plans for multiple users to collaborate on creating video scrapbooks is in the works.


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