Hinerava Tahitian Pearls on Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin Cruise Reveiew: Hinerava Tahitian Pearls by Kelly Hinerava Bailey

Cruise guests sailing onboard the m/s Paul Gauguin can purchase Hinerava Tahitian Pearl designs from Kelly Hinerava Bailey.

Tahitian black pearls near Tahaa, Society Islands

Sailing on Paul Gauguin Cruises offers cruise guests  five-star service, comfort and luxury while sailing in Tahiti and French Polynesia. Although the scenery takes center-stage, visitors on Paul Gauguin have a lot to look forward to. One facet of the Paul Gauguin cruise experience is total immersion in the the local culture, which includes lessons abou the  Tahitian Pearl.

For those cruise guests that have a love for the beauty of the Tahitian Pearl, the luxury line is proud to present Hinerava (meaning Tahitian Beauty).

Designer Kelly Hinerava Bailey, who was raised in Tahiti started her company Hinerava in early 2011. Since then she has created many island-vintage-inspired creations using Tahitian pearls. She is gaining attention for her “island-chic”   Tahitian Black Pearl designs.

Cruise guests sailing on Paul Gauguin can purchase her jewelry onboard.

Tahitian pearls are some of the most exotic and desired pearls in the world. Hinerava strives to bring the delicacy and elegance of the Tahitian Black Pearl to each unique and original creation.  The island-vintage inspired jewelry is exquisitely sophisticated yet casual enough for everyday wear, an impression the artist terms as “island-chic”.


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