Family Vacation #CruiseChat Recap

Let’s roll! Family Vacation takes the spotlight.

Cruise Chat June 28th

Family Vacation takes center stage.

Join Stephanie (@TravelDesigned from and Cindy (@CindyRichards from and I as we tackle the topic of Family Vacation.

Family travel. CruiseBuzz and littlest-buzz (6.5 yrs old).

We covered a lot of  family vacation topics, for example:

  • Family vacation survival tips.
  • How to plan a vacation that is a good fit for your family.
  • A rundown of popular family vacation options: all-inclusive resorts, cruising, and somewhere in-between.

The Questions:

  • Q1: What comes to mind when you think about Family Vacations? #cruisechat #2011FamVaca
  • Q2: What’s the one thing you must pack on a family vacation? #cruisechat #2011FamVaca
  • Q2: When was your last family vacation? #cruisechat #2011FamVaca
  • Q4: Is your family full of risk takers? What is your most adventurous day on a family vacation? #cruisechat #2011FamVaca
  • Q 4.5: Bonus Question: Which do you prefer, #cruise, all-inclusive resort, or do it on your own?
  • Q5. What is a fun family friendly excursion? #cruisechat #2011FamVaca
  • Q6. Post a photo from your family vacation #cruisechat #2011FamVaca
  • Q7. Can you survive a family vacation? How? #cruisechat #2011FamVaca

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The Honor Roll:

Thanks to co-host Stephanie (@TravelDesigned from for helping compile this list. Well done.


  • Vegas BiLL VegasBiLL:   @Kcom Having breakfast with the ‘characters’ is very
  • Doug ParkerCruiseRadio Doug Parker : @BuzzBooth A7. Yeah! Lots of booze and a stash on the balcony.
  • CindyRichardsCindyRichards:  Q7: YES! I luv our family vacays. Key to do at least 1 thing that pleases each person (incl Mom).
  • Viking River CruisesVikingRiver Viking River Cruises:  A7 COFFEE is key
  • Rebecca KollarasKcom Rebecca Kollaras :  RT @TravelDesigned: Q7 Can you survive a family vacation  How? #cruisechat#2011FamVaca – Si, Mas Margaritas!
  • Kymri / Mira Terra kymri Kymri / Mira Terra:  A6. Meeting horses with my daughter in Ireland
  • Holland America LineHALcruises Holland America Line:  A5 Ziplining in Costa Rica, snorkeling w/marine life in the Carib and the Dog Sled & Adventure by Helicopter is among our faves
  • Sue LowryMagellanPR Sue Lowry:  I’m there! RT @BargeConnection: A5: And, well the Chocolate Museum in Paris….need I say more?
  • Barge ConnectionBargeConnection Barge Connection:  A5: How about a hot air balloon ride on the Aeuro Paris? This gas balloon is tethered, but it still sails up almost 500 feet
  • Vegas BiLLVegasBiLL Vegas BiLL:  RT @HALcruises: A4 One of HAL’s most fun family excursion is the Stingray Adventure at Half Moon Cay!
  • Rebecca KollarasKcom Rebecca Kollaras:  The resort’s lazy river + Naples Zoo! RT @TravelDesigned@Kcom What fun places did you visit?
  • CindyRichardsCindyRichards :  We did a lot of that too. RT @TravelDesigned: @McMedia YOU got to stop?!!! We peed on the side of the road
  • Sandi McKennaMcMedia Sandi McKenna:  A4: Risktakers? Most adventurous day for us is whether to use the rest area potty or hold it for another 50 miles
  • Kymri / Mira Terra kymri Kymri / Mira Terra:  Last one was ages 7 to 77 in South Africa! RT @CruiseBuzz: What was the age range for your multigenerational trip?
  • Hangover SupportLast_Round Hangover Support: A4 sometimes I feel like a family vacation is a risk!
  • MadagasCaTMadagasCaT: Fully crewed yacht charter around the islands of Madagascar!
  • Hangover SupportLast_Round Hangover Support:  @Meh! Canoeing down the delaware river…! RT @TravelDesignedQ4 most adventurous day on a family vacation?
  • Rebecca KollarasKcom Rebecca Kollaras: Nope, we’re pool/beach cabana dwellers! Pool boy + bar nearby RT@TravelDesigned: Q4 Is your family risk takers?
  • ? Nam Do ?Only398 ? Nam Do ?  A2 @RickGriffin would say bail money!
  • Corinne McDermotthvbabywilltrvl Corinne McDermott : Patience! RT @CindyRichards Q2: What’s the one thing you must pack on a family vacation?
  • CindyRichardsCindyRichards: A2: I have electronics-addicted teens (and my cell, laptop, camera) so my must-pack item is a power strip. Always.
  • ShipsAndTripsTravelshipsandtrips ShipsAndTripsTravel: A1: Family vacations to me are when we ALL go – we like to travel with 3 generations! Cruising, resorts, road trips.



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