Family Cruise in Europe #CruiseChat Recap

Family Cruising in Europe: Cruise Chat Recap


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Thanks to @KidTravel and @CruiseRadio as we tackle cruising through Europe with the family.



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The Questions

  1. What should you consider when planning a family Med #cruise? Any tips?
  2. Name two reasons why cruising is great way for families and multigenerational groups to experience Europe?
  3. Which ports are the easiest to access for family #cruise visitors to Europe?
  4. Traveling from the US is a long haul to Europe, what are some survival tips for families?
  5. How can families get the best value from a #cruise vacation in the Med?
  6. Any recommendations for shore excursions? Are there excursions that are specifically designed for families?
  7. Are there any resources or tools that you think are particularly helpful for planning a #family #cruise in Europe?
  8. Help of hindrance: US dollar/Euro exchange rate and a #cruise vacation in Europe. Why?
  9. Cobblestones and strollers don’t mix. Share any tips for how to navigate the streets with your kids in Europe.
  10. Name two things you  “pack” for surviving a European family cruise.

Some of the answers

Sound advice … “Figure out collectively as a family what you want to see and do while in Europe” –@joyceeOlivaPR

Why Europe... Mediterranean destinations are full of history, but you can also laze in the sun. Great food. And gelato for the kids- @CaptGreybeard

Top cities and tips:

Venice and Dubrovnik was a favorite of  @cruiseradio.  Barcelona was high on the list for the easy walk around town by @CaptGreybeard.

Great tips from Family Travel Network’s  @kidtravel who suggested  that families “Look for ports that have great flight connections & rates + places you want to spend extra time exploring”

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