European Barge Cruising

Barge Connection jumps into the #CruiseChat Spotlight

Join us August 30th at 2pm on Twitter to learn more about barge cruising with Barge Connection in the #CruiseChat Spotlight.

Since 1998, Barge Connection has been sending individuals to Europe for unique barge vacations. As a tour operator, Barge Connection serves as the go-between for vessel owners and cruise vacationers. Click here to read about barges.

Barge Vessels

The Barge Connection represents fully crewed barges, riverboats and self piloted vessels (similar to houseboats).


The Barge Connection offers trips on many of Europe’s most popular rivers. Barge cruises on the Rhone, Moselle, Loire rivers provide ample opportunities to enjoy the countryside.  In addition to the larger rivers, barges also float along smaller canals.

Have you been on a barge vacation? Let us know about your trip.


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