Enough with the discounts – buy already

The press likes the story about falling cruise prices. Travel agents like the press since it gets people talking about cruising. Consumers are confused. A deal that was a steal yesterday might not be available when a customer picks up for the phone to get some details. To avoid disappointment here are a couple of tips to secure that cruise deal:

1. Be flexible with your dates. A willingness to travel in May or Sept and October will ensure the best availability.

2. Get trip insurance to protect your investment. Circumstances change and to avoid penalties due to change of plans, make sure to get a travel protection plan.

3. Be willing to upgrade your cabin. Lead in rates that abound on the Internet may not be available when you decide to book. Start with the inside cabin pricing and then upgrade within your budget.

4. Make sure to use tools like Twitter or travel blogs to stay informed. At Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo we email our customers about relevant offers. If you like the offer and are interested, give us a call. If you want to pass this time, delete the offer.

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