(eat) Descanso Fresh on Catalina Island

Descanso Fresh is a gourmet espresso bar and cafe serving homemade treats

Descanso Fresh

Fresh-and-Go at Descanso Fresh

Cruise visitors calling on Catalina Island will most likely meander their way to Descanso Beach. This hidden gem has a lively bar scene, a restaurant, beach club, the island’s zip line, and a rental kiosk for those looking to get onto the water for a kayak or paddleboard experience. If you are short on time or desire a quick snack, then consider Descanso Fresh, a hidden gem serving the following:

  • Catalina’s only House-Made Ice Cream & Sorbet
  • Sweet and savory crêpes
  • Gourmet illy coffee
  • Fresh-pressed juices
  • Milkshakes and smoothies
  • Acai bowls, croissants, cookies, and other fresh-and-go snacks
  • Buffalo Milk ice cream and other signature sweets for the 21+ crowd

Descanso Fresh Descanso Fresh Descanso Fresh

Descanso Fresh

Let’s face it. Part of the cruise experiences means enjoying a bounty of fabulous food on the ship. But sometimes, you might find yourself on shore feeling like you want to sample some of the local fare, or maybe you just want a quick and easy snack, coffee, or ice cream. Located on the beautiful Descanso Beach cove, adjacent to Catherine’s Terrace,

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