Day 5 Princess Cruises #FollowMeAtSea trains to the Coral Princess


After a delightful stay at the Princess Mt. McKinley Wilderness Lodge, our #FollowMeAtSea group heads to the ship.  However before we step onto the ship we have a day of exciting travel.

Our first stop is Trapper Creek where we meet with a wonderful local with a great Alaskan story, Joanne Porterfield.  This popular side trip to the Porterfield homestead is popular for it’s gardens and farm that have flourished in the wilderness for over 45 years.  After some  free time in Talkeetna  the #FollowMeAtSea gang will board the McKinley Express to Whittier for a 6 hour train ride to the Coral  Princess.

The McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge has been marvelous. The beautiful purpose-built lodge offers  great views and wonderful service.  This is the  nicest of the Princess Lodges that I have stayed in, maybe because of the promise of viewing Mt. McKinley. We are 40 miles from the highest point in North America.

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