Cruise Views with Ken Muskat from MSC Cruises

Cruise Views with Ken Muskat from MSC Crusies – Misconceptions of Cruising

I had a chance yesterday to be a guest on Cruise Views, a new radio program hosted by Ken Muskat from MSC Cruises. The topic of the show was Misconceptions of Cruising. Joining me on the quest to dispel cruise myths were Doug Parker, host of Cruise Radio, and Cruise Critic Editor, Carolyn Spencer Brown.

Ken did a great job facilitating a conversation about popular misconceptions that some first time cruisers have. I spoke about cruise deals, seasickness, and whether cruise passengers would feel claustrophobic.

My contribution to the conversation was from first-hand experience. As a travel agent I fielded a lot of questions from reluctant travelers who were not sure if a cruise was for them. Below is a summary of what I spoke about during Cruise Views (click here to listen to the show).

Myth: Last Minute Means Greater Savings

Cruise pricing is always a hot topic. It is probably the single-most controversial topic when it comes to getting new passengers on the ships. There are plenty of ads available to lure unsuspecting cruise passengers into the trap of thinking that one company has better pricing over another. Besides thinking that there are copious amounts of bargain-basement prices available on last minute cruises, there is also a lot of misinformation about cruise pricing. Here is what I learned from owning a Cruise Holidays travel agency (and you can read the other 5 cruise pricing myths by clicking here).
There was a time when last minute cruises were a good deal. This was a result of supply and demand. Consumers are now more aware of the value of cruise vacations and the demand is at record highs. Individuals who wait until the last minute to book cruise vacations often pay a much higher rate for their cruise fare and have the least selection to choose from for accommodations. Some destinations, like Alaska, are often sold out months to a year in advance. To secure preferred accommodations at the best price----book early! - Cruise Holidays travel agent mantra
I would also like to add that booking early with a travel agent is a good idea. Passengers can put down refundable deposits on cabins, which is usually 90-days before the cruise departs (and before final payment). Also, cruise passengers should know that their cruise price can be adjusted if the fare goes down before final payment. This unknown fact is a pain because it means that travel agents have to redo paperwork and also a change in fare can effect commission.

Myth - Cruises make you seasick

I have addressed tips for beating seasickness before (read article here) but I wanted to make sure that this topic was discussed on the radio show. Ken agreed with me that modern cruise ships have installed the latest technology (like stabilizers) to remedy unnecessary movement on the ships. Think low and middle: pick cabins that are on lower decks and in the middle of the ship. Also, choose itineraries like the Southern Caribbean, which tend to have less chance of high-seas.

Myth - I will feel trapped and claustrophobic

[caption id="attachment_16869" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Royal Princess Pool Royal Princess main pool deck. Photo by JD Andrews.[/caption] Sharing a ship with thousands of other travelers could cause one to feel like they will be trapped. When people tell me that they will feel claustrophobic on a ship I point out that modern cruise ships are purpose-built for optimizing space. Sure, spending the day on the pool deck during a sea day is going to be a bit of a cluster, however, there are places to hide and find solitude. For example, when all the passengers are heading for the pool, use the time to find a quiet corner in a lounge or pull up a deck chair on a promenade deck and relax.  

About Cruise Views

Cruise Views is a show targeting travel enthusiasts who want to take an inside look at the cruise industry. Hot topics will include everything from meeting the people who make up the crew and how to travel on a budget to the latest in family travel, health and wellness while cruising and what it takes to build the state of the art cruise ships of today.

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