Luxury Adventure Cruising in Antarctica

This is a real winner for adventure travelers-  from Lindblad and National Geogrphic 

A small-ship expedition cruise to Antarctica might be the single greatest adventure travel opportunity of your life. We’re proud to say that in 1966, Lindblad became the first to offer expedition travel to Antarctica. That’s over 40 years of experience in the most wild place on earth. So we understand fully the responsibility as well as the potential for life changing experiences that this vast landscape carries. No mere drive-by, our Antarctica expedition cruises go deeper. You’ll have the opportunity to travel with National Geographic experts and the most experienced Ice Team on earth. With their leadership, step foot on land overflowing with life. Zodiac past soaring icebergs. Kayak in protected waters, paddling around icebergs as penguins swim by. And encounter Antarctica from the safety and comfort of our new expedition ship, National Geographic Explorer. Read more

Come. Heed the call of the penguins. Of humpback whales. Of Antarctica’s eternal landscape. And go into the ice with us this year.

The Most Experience in Antarctica
In places as wild as Antarctica, staff expertise is absolutely vital. And our Expedition Team will enable you to travel with a sense of comfort and confidence every moment of your Antarctica expedition cruise. Our Captains and Expedition Leaders have decades of expedition cruises under their belts. They are true explorers, “Ice Masters,” and will help turn you into one too. Can you imagine doing something as adventurous as kayaking among soaring icebergs in Antarctica? Thanks to years of research, kayaking in Antarctica is now an adventurous activity that is safe and exhilarating for each of our guests, even first time paddlers.

See the Seldom Visited
As we explore many spots made famous by Sir Ernest Shackelton we’ll also take to you places few know. Wild places. And possibly to Lindblad Cove, a beautiful spot named after Lars-Eric Lindblad, the pioneer of Antarctica expedition cruises.

Discover More with Unparalleled Exploration Technology
Our tools for exploration and state-of-the-art expedition ship will help you experience all that Antarctica travel has to offer. Not just from the ship’s deck, but on a much deeper level. A microscope, hydrophone, underwater video camera and SplashCam provide unique perspectives on wonders few are ever able to see or hear. And a Remotely Operated Vehicle (R.O.V) transmits video from hundreds of feet below the surface right into the ship’s lounge.

Learn From The Only Undersea Specialists in Antarctica
Under the Antarctic ice live some of the world’s most seldom seen creatures. On each Antarctica expedition cruise you will travel with the only Undersea Specialists, certified ice-divers, accompanying travelers in Antarctica. You’ll watch the exclusive Cousteau-like video footage they bring back in the comfort of the ship’s lounge complete with an expert explanation.

A Note on Conservation
Together with National Geographic, Lindblad has raised nearly $600,000 (as of September, 2008) to support Oceanites, an Antarctic-focused non-profit organization seeking to gather information on penguin populations and the impacts of tourism. Oceanites scientists travel aboard our ships and will involve you in fun research projects such as penguin-counting. Call Ben at Crusie Holidays of Mission, your CruiseConcierge to plan your next great adventure cruise 949-215-6700.

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