(Port Buzz) Catalina Island Undersea Expedition Tour

Explore and experience the undersea beauty of Catalina Island on the Sea Wolf  Semi-Submersible Vessel

Photo of Catalina Island
Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a popular cruise port offering visitors plenty of activities. For those that want to learn about the underwater world located beneath the surface surrounding Avalon, a laid-back island town of 3,736 people then the Undersea Expedition Tour is a great choice.

One of the big surprises on the semi-submersible vessel was the spacious air-conditioned cabin that had large windows on both sides for prime viewing.

Expect to come face-to-face with Catalina’s abundant marine life, especially since the crew feeds the fish you will see bright orange garibaldi and spotted calico bass as well as urchins, rockfish, bat rays, and maybe even encounter a rare sighting of a turtle from the windows.

Come face-to-face with Catalina’s abundant marine life by cruising five feet under water in a spacious, climate-controlled cabin. Every passenger has their own seat and port hole plus you’re free to roam about the cabin seeking other viewpoints.


Bright orange Garibaldi
Bright orange Garibaldi

Keep your eyes open for the Garibaldi, the bright orange fish that is the official marine fish of California.


An array of fish to be seen from the Sea Wolf  Semi-Submersible Vessel.

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Where to buy tickets for the Undersea Expedition Tour?

Just go to the Green Pier and ask for the Santa Catalina Island Co. ticket booth. It will be located on the left side about midway down the pier.

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