Azamara Club Cruises Cancels Mar. 3 2014 Voyage

Breaking News > Azamara Club Cruises cancels March 3, 2014 cruise on Azamara Journey

Azamara Club Cruises has cancelled the next sailing of Azamara Journey in order to repair the damage to the 684-passenger Azamara Journey. The ship is currently sailing in Asia and was enroute towards Tokyo  when “the ship noticed an unusual vibration,” according to a statement provided to USA TODAY. For a full report read the entire USA TODAY article by Fran Golden here.

Further inspection showed one of the ship’s two propellers had been damaged by debris.

From Twitter….



Tweets from @AzamaraVoyages
Tweets from @AzamaraVoyages


Cruise guests that have any additional questions regarding @AzamaraJourney, may call  toll free 1-855-292-4636 from US and Canada.

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